The fact that the traditional material enamel (old spelling enamel) was on the way to disappearing from the market led to the company Münder-Email GmbH being founded on January 1, 1980 by Reinhold Weber. Initially, the company cooperated with the Hanover enamel factory in the production of enamel signs, which no longer exists.

On the occasion of the major European changes in 1989/1990, a production-related collaboration was concluded with an enamel factory in Eastern Europe, thereby saving it from closure.

The film footage for Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List" was shot in this factory. While the main products were previously custom-made enamel signs and an extensive range of stock signs (standard version), authentic nostalgic enamel tableware was now also offered in various decors.

When developing storable standard items, particular attention is paid to the registered protection of new products in order to be able to legally prosecute imitations. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend in the production of special series according to customer requirements. With this mix of individual and series production of small and large series, Münder-Email has now become a brand name in the market.

Today's product range is marketed through good specialist retailers and selected bulk buyers. Wholesale partners in various European countries support Münder-Email in ensuring that the material is not forgotten again. The main advantage is the endless durability of this material, which is why a collector's market for enamel signs and old enamel tableware has been forming across Europe for years.

Münder-Email presents itself to retailers at the international trade fairs in Frankfurt, Cologne and Essen and the regional shopping days in Hamburg and Munich. There are also sporadic participations in order trade fairs abroad.

In order to get to know the wishes and suggestions of end consumers, participation in selected end consumer “events” takes place at irregular intervals.